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Potential students must be committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, through an ongoing relationship with Him, and by a desire to reach great maturity in Him, in full obedience to His will. Students are strongly encouraged to be active members of their local church. An Application for Admissions, completed in its entirety including pastoral recommendation, must be submitted and be accompanied with a letter stating the student’s educational and spiritual goals. If you have attended other biblical schools you will also need request your official transcripts to see how your credits can possibly be transferred to CROWN.



Application Fee: $50 One time fee

Tuition per Course : $150

Course Materials: Per Cost

Audit Courses: $50




  • All fees are stated in U.S. Currency.

  • Grades and transcripts will not be released until the students account is brought current.

  • Fees are subject to change without prior notice each semester.

  • CROWN reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees without prior notice each semester or at the start of each academic year.

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CROWN provides many different Financial Programs in order to lower the cost of education for students. If you are interested in applying for one of the scholarships below, click the link and complete the application.

Steven Vidal Int'l Student
Scholarship $75 per class

CROWN'S passion is to spread the gospel through raising preachers, workers and teachers in the foreign field as well as in America. We understand the hardships of many regions all around the world, the International Scholarship provides education to people who live in these areas: 

  • Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala permanent residence

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Steven Vidal Campus Coordinator

50-75% Scholarship

The Steven Vidal Campus Coordinator Scholarship is for those that will oversee NEW Campus Locations. The coordinator will be trained on how to facilitate and operate a local CROWN Bible Academy campus.


  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity

  • Exhibits strong academics

  • Able to recruit a minimum of 10 students per campus

  • Must have financial integrity to collect tuition and work together with CROWNS administrator.

  • Be able to coordinate a 2-3 year program

Steven Vidal Leadership Scholarship


The Steven Vidal Leadership Scholarship is a nomination-based scholarship program for those and with an evidential calling to full time ministry and are in need of financial help.  Pastors and Youth Pastors are invited to nominate an incoming student who has:

  • Demonstrated spiritual maturity

  • Exhibited strong academic credentials

  • Participated actively in their church and community

  • Desires to be an influence in the world for Christ.

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