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Associate in Biblical Studies: (A.B.S.)

As a Christian Bible Academy, Crown will give you a Christ-centered education that will be needed to enhance your leadership and ministry. With many subjects to study, Crown will equip you with the knowledge and skills to impact your community and find your purpose. The Associate degree at CROWN will provide students with the essential biblical, theological and ministerial knowledge that will prepare them for leadership and ministry. This program is designed for students who want to attain a foundational degree and knowledge in Bible, Ministry, and Christian Theology. Students entering into this program will be inspired to have a clear focus to become future pastors, evangelists, teachers, and communicators of the gospel. 

  1. Biblical and theological knowledge

  2. Ministerial, ethical and leadership practice

  3. Hermeneutical and exegetical analysis of scripture

  4. Development of writing literacy and study habits.

  5. Effective communication 

Students will need to successfully complete 22 courses to graduate the Associates Program. The classes below are 3 units each, with 3 hours a course for an 8 week term or a total of 24 hours or 24 divided into 4 Saturday classes.  


  • $50 Application fee for new students

  • $150 ea. Course (24 hour of study)


All 22 courses below are required to graduate. A total of 66 units.


1.  ___ Apologetics

2.  ___ Book of Acts

3.  ___ Hermeneutics

4.  ___ New Testament

5.  ___ Old Testament

6.  ___ Systematic Theology I

7.  ___ Systematic Theology II

8.  ___ Systematic Theology III

9.  ___ Church History I

10. ___ Church History 2

11.  ___ Christian Ethics

13.  ___ Spiritual Warfare

14.  ___ Homiletics & Public Speaking

15.  ___ Organizational Leadership  

16.  ___ Spiritual Disciplines

17.  ___ Book of Romans

18.  ___ Missions & Church Planting 

19.  ___ Research and Writing

20. ___ Effective Evangelism

21. ___ Biblical Counseling

22. ___ Church Administration 

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Bachelor in Christian Ministry (B.Min.)


The Bachelor in Christian Ministry program seeks to serve pastors and key lay workers who are challenged by the Lord to further their preparation in ministry.



  • $50 Application fee for new students transferring from other schools

  • $250 ea. Course (24 hour of study)


All 18 courses below are required to graduate. A total of 54 units.

  1. _____ Adragogy

  2. _____Christian Education

  3. _____Orientation of Thesis Writing

  4. _____Poetic Books                                              

  5. _____Introduction to Christian Counseling

  6. _____Critical Thinking and Writing

  7. _____Theology of Mission

  8. _____Biblical Discipleship

  9. _____Theory of Pastoral Administration

  10. _____Basic Church Legal Concerns

  11. _____Effective Teaching Methods

  12. _____Pastoral Leadership

  13. _____Church Planting

  14. _____Communication Skills

  15. _____ Bible Manners and Customs

  16. _____Youth Ministry 

  17. _____Thesis Defense

  18. _____ Hebrew and the Pauline Epistles

*A total of 54 units for the Bachelor in Christian Ministry will be added to the previous 66 units in the Associates program that are required for admission  to the program, for a total 120 units.

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